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The competence strategy of AVRE


In the menu (left) you will find the competence strategy which was approved by the board of AVRE for the first time in the autumn 2008. It was subsequently revised in December 2010 and in December 2014.


The strategy shows the direction and the professional standards our sector should aim for. It is therefore essential that our member companies adopt this strategy so that we, as a sector of service providers, due to this strategy, emerges as recognizable and with high professional and relevant competence.


This competence strategy will also be appropriate as guidelines when the individual member companies make their annual plan for development of skills and competence, which for instance is required in order to maintain certification according to EQUASS Assurance.

AVRE has established an academic advisory council who will evaluate and assess the strategy regularly. The academic advisory council consists of one representative from each district association of AVRE and is chaired by Mr Paal Haavorsen, the Director of Professional Development in Vocational Rehabilitation in AVRE.