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The AVRE International Group.


The board of AVRE made the decision to establish the "International Group" of AVRE on the 25th April 2007.

All our member companies have the opportunity join the International Group. The objective is to achieve a larger network of contacts towards the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) and other relevant international relations, etc. The companies must bear the expenses related to their employees themselves in connection with their involvement in the group. However, participation should still be of interest as the members of the committee may establish contacts and gain useful knowledge that may benefit development of service provision at home, not to mention participation in various international development projects, etc.

The secretariat of AVRE receives regularly information relevant to our line of work from the EPR and other international bodies. This could for instance be information about international conferences, not to mention European companies within vocational rehabilitation who seek partners in miscellaneous EU-programmes such as Leonardo da Vinci or Erasmus + projects. Relevant information is only forwarded to members of the International Group or to those companies who explicitly have asked to receive such information. If you want your company registered on such a mailing list, even if you are not a member of the International Group, you may contact Mr Paal Haavorsen at paal.haavorsen@nhoservice.no to become registered.


The only requirement for companies that wish to participate in our International group is that they make a company presentation in English, which we will make available on the AVRE web page at http://www.attforingsbedriftene.no/om-attføringsbedriftene/internasjonal-gruppe/presentations-of-members.aspx . In this way, EPR and other international companies (potential project partners) may get some knowledge about each individual member company. In particular, this could be beneficial in connection with European companies seeking partners for international projects, etc.



The activities in our international group so far have mainly focused on a few meetings concerning various EU programs such as Leonardo Transfer of Innovation programme. However, our main activity has been participation in EPR's Annual Conference (Maastricht 2008, Waterford in 2009, Helsinki / Tallinn in 2010 and Athens 2011). Prior to this Annual Conference, we have a Norwegian seminar where we engage in certain topics, often related to the member company in EPR, which organizes the Annual Conference. In this way, we will become acquainted with the member companies of EPR.


AVRE has been the project coordinator of the following three EU Transfer of Innovation projects, all under the Life Long Learning Programme / Leonardo da Vinci funding:

  • EQUASS in Practice: The main objective of EQUASS in Practice is to develop and share best practice for how VET service providers may work to implement the EQUASS Assurance certification programme, with the aim of improving quality of their services and achieving sustainable working practice and routines.



  • Jobpics Europe - A transfer of innovation project. Jobpics is a new picture based vocational interest tool developed for the Vocational Rehabilitation field. This tool was released by the Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Enterprises, Norway (AVRE) last spring 2009. The purpose of Jobpics is to work with vocational interests of persons served in a systematic way to avoid wrong career choices and to prepare for optimal career choices in the rehabilitation process.



  • HOT TRAIN: Development of a training methodology to teach persons in need of support new skills and thus become more employable for new jobs in the hospitality sector.