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Quality Management.


AVRE, and each member company want any service provision to be organized and have a content which allows the overall goal of getting more disadvantaged persons into work to be met. There is a strong focus on quality and quality management with the aim that the results shall meet the requirements and expectations of the disadvantaged person and The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation (NAV).


The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation requires that to be prequalified as a service provider the company should implement a quality management system, which includes all the sheltered services provided. The quality management system should be certified by a third party certification body.


AVREs aim is that all member companies should have the necessary skills in quality management, and has for several years provided training on the subject. At present all member companies have been certified by a third party. The vast majority have chosen the system EQUASS Assurance, and some members have chosen ISO 9001.


The Nordland Research Institute has conducted a study on the quality of services provided in sheltered workshops including the effect of the quality assurance system EQUASS Assurance. The evaluation, which was carried out in the period August 2013 to September 2014, was ordered by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and includes a survey of all service providers and all local offices of The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation in Norway.

Although the service providers are more positive than the offices of The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation, both groups of respondents are of the opinion that the quality has improved in the recent years. Concerning the question of whether EQUASS Assurance have contributed to this improved quality; both groups of respondents answer affirmatively and thus share the opinion that it has.

AVRE therefore maintain the present focus on quality, quality management and continuous improvement in the vocational rehabilitation sector in Norway.