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The Board of AVRE.


The activities of AVRE are managed by a board of 8 members with 3 deputies who are elected for a period of 2 years. Both sexes should be represented among these 11 with at least 4 members / deputies each. Of the 8 permanent members of the board there should be at least 3 members of each gender and the majority of the representatives should be general managers of a member company of AVRE.


AVRE has divided their member service providers in Norway into 8 districts:

  • District Association South Norway,
  • District Association East Norway,
  • District Association West Norway,
  • District Association North-West Norway,
  • District Association Innlandet Mid Norway,
  • District Association Nordland Mid-North Norway,
  • District Association North Norway.


Each district should be represented on the board. Should a director resign during his period the board may arrange a supplementary election and elect a new member of board from his district for the remaining part of the period. Deputies who resign during an election period will not be replaced. Managing directors and chairmen of the boards are the only eligible candidates for the board.


The mission of the board is to lead the organizations' activities in accordance with the statutes and congress provisions. The Board ensures the preparation of an annual business plan.